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A soft rebranding: from FortunaSVG to FortunaDraws

April 26, 2022 1 min read

I’m currently in the process of rebranding the shop..sort of. This whole thing started as a desire to draw pretty vectors in between work breaks. At the time, I thought adding the word SVG in the title would be clever and fitting. However, as of the past year, I’ve been wanting to do much more with colors and png formats. This of course steps outside of that original name.

I want the core of this thing that I’m doing to be more about the drawings. They are what separates me from the countless other svg shops out there (all with beautiful work in their own right). And so, adding the word “draws” to the end seems, to me, like a good catch all for what I’m trying to do with the shop and brand.

You should still be able to use to find me as I’m not giving up the domain name, so no worries. Just figured I’d offer a little explanation as to why I changed it.