All designs from previous years have been removed due to space needed for new ones. If you wish to browse through my files individually, please refer to my etsy shop.


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Commercial licensing

August 26, 2021 1 min read

Hello all! After much thought, I have decided to remove commercial licensing from the initial purchase of my files. If you purchased from me prior to 8.27.21, this will not apply to you and nothing changes about your initial purchase. 

I am doing this because I noticed that a large number of my customers are not interested in selling and simply want to use my designs for their own personal art. Normally, I take into account commercial use when pricing items and ,in general, I would like to make my designs more accessible for those who just want to create.

This will also allow me to keep better track of who is selling my files. I apologize if this causes any confusion and thank you for all your patience. I'm one personal trying to navigate art and business and it's all rather new to me. Thank you again and stay safe!

Michael Fontenot
Michael Fontenot