Please note: svg files are not compatible with the basic version of Silhouette/Cameo. You will need Silhouette Designer Edition to use them.


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Mermaid Svg Bundle v1, 15 Designs (Many of these files require a large cut or detail will be lost/very intricate cut)

Please be aware that these files cut best with projects TEN INCHES or LARGER. I DO NOT recommend using my more intricate/mandala designs for tiny projects—they simply will not cut well and detail will be lost. Thanks!

If you would like to try some of my designs before purchasing, here is a link to a few via Dropbox:

Please Note: All intricate/mandala styled designs in my shop will make for a very difficult cut for most projects under 10 inches. These designs are very detailed and the weeding can be very difficult when dealing with very small cuts. Thanks!

Please Note: THIS BUNDLE DOES NOT INCLUDE ALL OF MY MERMAID MANDALAS IN MY SHOP. Additionally, the designs in this bundle may overlap with others, so please look at the photos in the listing BEFORE purchase to see which files are included.

You will get: 1 zip file containing both svg and png versions of the designs (please understand that this is the only way to offer this many files in a single download). These files will need to be extracted into a folder on your desktop/device. This will need to be done before importing the designs into cricut design space.

The collection itself consists of 15 digital designs. No refunds available, please make sure that you read the description in it's entirety and message me with any questions you may have, PRIOR to purchase!

This is an instant download meaning your files will be ready for download as soon as payment has been confirmed.

Please make sure that you double check your specific machines ability to cut SVG files before purchasing.

While I am ALWAYS more than happy to assist with any issues, also, keep in mind that due to the nature of the files (electronic) no refunds will be issued.

You absolutely are not allowed to claim this file as your own or resell the files UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

You cannot convert the files to for embroidery files to resell (as digital files).

Please note:

1. All intricate/mandala styled designs in my shop will make for a very difficult cut for most projects under 10 inches. These designs are very detailed and the weeding can be very difficult when dealing with very small cuts.

2. I only work in SVG and PNG formats at the moment.

3. My files are usually around 4500 x 5400 pixels in size (I draw them in this size and it seems to work best for printing and non-cricut projects).

4. All downloads are made available via zip format. Please understand that you will need to extract the designs from the zip file once it is downloaded.

5. Due to the amount of detail I work with when making vectors, not all machines and material settings do well with these designs. Weeding will take time and be more difficult when cutting mandalas with very thin lines. It is your responsibility to know what your machine needs. Thanks!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


All purchases in my shop come with a small commercial license. You CAN use these files to create products to sell in your own shop. (Mugs, shirts, decals, signs, etc.).

Due to the nature of digital products, I usually don't do refunds or exchanges.Please be aware of what you are purchasing prior to checkout. Nothing will be mailed - these are files not finished products.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you found what you need, please contact me with any questions.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How and when will I receive purchased files?

Your files will be instantly available after payment is confirmed. To access your digital file(s), either wait for the download link to load on the checkout page or check your email address (the download link will be sent instantly after the order is completed).

2. How do I import files/designs to Silhouette Studio(Cameo)?

With Cameo you need to have Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition to import SVG files OR you can use large PNG files:

”The Silhouette Studio software is able to use external images that are in a basic raster format (such as PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF file types). These files can be opened through the File > Open option. Once in the software, the image then needs to be converted into a cuttable image that has lines present for the Silhouette to recognize as cut lines. A Trace feature is included in the software for this purpose.

The Trace feature Is in the upper right-hand side of the screen. Once accessed, a panel will open on the right-hand side of the screen where options are provided to trace imported images in order to create cut lines”

3. How do I upload files/designs to Cricut Design Space?

Extract SVG file from your zipped download, and save it.
Open Cricut Design Space, and select “Create New Project” button or click File New.
Click the Upload Images button on the left panel.
Click the blue Upload Image button on the next screen.
Click the blue Browse button, and select the SVG file you have saved.

4. What program do I need to extract files from a zip archive?

Some designs in this shop come archived/included in ZIP archive (this information is included in every design description.) To be able to extract files you need basic WinRar/WinZip software.