Silhouette users: please be aware that svg files only work with the cameo designer edition, not the basic free version of the program.


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Lifetime Access, All Current Designs + All Future Designs

**All designs are single layered vectors and not made to be detached**

Please be aware that these files cut best with projects TEN INCHES or LARGER. I DO NOT recommend using my more intricate/mandala designs for tiny projects—they simply will not cut well and detail will be lost. Thanks!

**If you purchased any of my previous bundles, please message me before buying this and I will make a 10-15 dollar discount coupon for you. I don't want people paying for the same items twice**

If you would like a better look at this collection you can find the files here:

PLEASE READ: While this bundle will receive future updates (it depends on what’s going on in my life and how much time I have to design), you are purchasing it as is. It is largely everything currently on the site (as of late February 2021). That being said, anything I add to the shop will be added to this bundle. Expect at least 300-350 additional designs for each year it is activeIt’s a one time purchase and pretty much covers whatever artwork I will post here in the future. This bundle includes both small business and print on demand licensing.

If you would like to retrieve future files before the I push a direct update, please:

  1. Make an account here using the same email address you purchased the collection with.
  2. Once you are logged into the site, you will be able to use the discount code VIP that will be activated for every account made with this purchase. You MUST be logged infor this to work.


Please be aware that these files cut best with projects TEN INCHES or LARGER. I DO NOT recommend using my more intricate/mandala designs for tiny projects—they simply will not cut well and detail will be lost. Thanks!

This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD FILE that includes SVG and PNG formats. It will be made available for instant download after confirmed payment. If you have any issues with the files please contact me I'll be happy to help.

Please note: This version may be missing some of my newest files. They will be added in the next version of the bundle via email update. This item is not eligible for any discount coupons. Please look at photos provided to see which designs are included in this collection bundle. No refunds available, please make sure that you read the description in it's entirety and message me with any questions you may have, PRIOR to purchase!

 Upon purchase, you will receive an automated email from Shopify with your download links. This usually works, however, there can be technical issues. In such a case, please contact me. I'm more than happy to get them to you directly.

 These files are made with Cricut Design Space in mind (as that is what I use for my own projects), however they are compatible with other programs that use the SVG or PNG file formats, like Silhouette Designer Edition (Please note: SVG files are not compatible with the basic version of Silhouette/Cameo). It is important to also note that my files run on the larger end and that, due to their size, you will need to upload them into cricut design space via the upload feature in the app. Below are a few guides on how to upload/use my files with cricut design space.

My basic guide:

 Official Cicut Guides:

Finally, Please note:

 1. All intricate/mandala styled designs in my shop will make for a very difficult cut for most projects under 10 inches. These designs are very detailed and the weeding can be very difficult when dealing with very small cuts.

 2. I only work in SVG and PNG formats at the moment.

 3. My files are usually around 4500 x 5400 pixels in size (I draw them in this size and it seems to work best for printing and non-cricut projects).

 4. All downloads are made available via zip format. Please understand that you will need to extract the designs from the zip file once it is downloaded.

 5. Due to the amount of detail I work with when making vectors, not all machines and material settings do well with these designs. Weeding will take time and be more difficult when cutting mandalas with very thin lines. It is your responsibility to know what your machine needs. Thanks!

 Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions!


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