Silhouette users: please be aware that svg files only work with the cameo designer edition, not the basic free version of the program.


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For Printing ONLY (NOT made for cutting machines), Fairy Mandala Art PNG

Get all files in my shop here:

*All paid purchases in my shop now include small business commercial licensing andprint on demand licensing.*

These specific files, the ones referred to as 'for printing only,' are not made for cutting machines. They are for printing only and far too intricate to cut properly with cricut or similar machines. 

This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD FILE that includes SVG and PNG formats. It will be made available for instant download after confirmed payment. If you have any issues with the files please contact me I'll be happy to help.

Upon purchase, you will receive an automated email from Shopify with your download links. This usually works, however, there can be technical issues. In such a case, please contact me. I'm more than happy to get them to you directly.

Finally, Please note:

1. These specific files are more experimental for me. They are NOT made to cut on a machine. They are simply too intricate

2. I only work in SVG and PNG formats at the moment.

3. My files are usually around 4500 x 5400 pixels in size (I draw them in this size and it seems to work best for printing and non-cricut projects).

4. All downloads are made available via zip format. Please understand that you will need to extract the designs from the zip file once it is downloaded.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions!